i have a burning need to be Animal and it's only getting worse

i need to run and howl and velociraptor-screech in the woods with someone

i need to sit and cry and tell stories with people who talk to Coyote and Raven and Alligator and all the rest of life. i need to grieve climate destruction. most keenly, i need to feel that i am one with it, that it's not "me versus the vulnerable ecosystem", but all of us, experiencing this and fighting *as* interconnected life, to be well again

i feel like these are things that indigenous cultures know. like, seriously, strike me down if i'm appropriating or stereotyping, but i feel like there are essential rhythms of life that are missing from the white man's plastic-choked city life

and it's killing me. i am deprived of the wild and idk how well i can learn but i want to try