Cobaltblue's Gemlog

2022-11-10 What a maligned word is "animal"!

2022-05-08 Values

2022-04-18 being gamed by the game as you make it

2022-04-13 Talking to ourselves

2022-02-06 Good news about the "Metaverse": it's going to fail

2021-11-11 The Lion King II and local culture in bootlegs

2021-09-21 Lake monsters. (poetry, otherkin, surreal)

2021-09-13 i have a burning need to be Animal and it's only getting worse

2021-07-18 Don't treat me like a human being. Treat other beings how you’d treat me.

2021-07-11 queer existentialism, queerphobic graffiti, dysphoria, ableism-as-blurring-into-queer, nonhuman-as-blurring-into-queer, bullying, past racism, awareness of kink as a child (autobiographical)

2021-07-01 Becoming Nonhuman: Eva Tiamat Medusa

2021-06-24 a (true-ish) story about transformation

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